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About Honey Wafer Baking Company

Handmade Honey Wafers

The Honey Wafer Baking Company is a small family owned and operated business dedicated to quality and service. We make your handmade Honey Wafers out of our Crestwood, Illinois location with just 4 people, one to take the Wafers out of the oven, one to put the honey filling in the middle, one person to put them in the bag and box, and one person to take care of everything else.

It all started in 1925 when Mama Anisi brought her oblaten type Honey Wafer recipe to America from Macedonia. Mama and her children would bake the near paper-thin wafers at home, by hand, over the fire and Papa Anisi would sell them. Papa Anisi worked long days pushing his cart through the streets of Chicago shouting “Honey Wafers! 2 cent Honey Wafers!” The Anisi family’s quality product, hard work and determination helped the family survive the Great Depression.

In the 1940’s came a hand built, revolving oven to bake the Wafers. The kids were happy that they did not have to hold their Wafer irons over the fire all day any longer! This hand built oven is still used today. The 1960’s brought new packaging and the introduction of Honey Wafers to local retailers, the pushcart was retired. In the year 2000, the new century brought a website for you to purchase Honey Wafers 24/7 and have them shipped to your door.

In 2001, Honey Wafers had the honor of being the “Official Honey Wafer of the Chicago Cubs”. With continued growing popularity of the Original Filled Honey Wafer, Chocolate filled Honey Wafer Thins were introduced with much success.

In the year 2006 the Anisi family sold the bakery to long time friend, Tony Lewandowski and his family. The same hard work and dedication to quality and customer service has led to today. Honey Wafers are found in more than 250 locations around Chicago and cases are available for purchase at our online store. Honey Wafers are now certified Kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council and are still handmade in the USA with all natural ingredients.

Honey Wafers have a rich history and a bright future. We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal customers and provide the same Chicago Original snacks that we have for more than 80 years. We always love hearing feedback and suggestions from our customers, please contact us any time. For the latest news, you can also visit our press room or find the Honey Wafer Baking Company on Facebook.

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